FEMA RBI Advisory

The firm provides services in relation to FEMA, whether it's a foreign funding in India, Investment outside India, import & export of goods or services; capital account or current account transactions, corporate structure in compliance with FEMA and all transactions relating to foreign exchange.

We offer our services adherence with FEMA rules and regulations and those that are available with FEMA rules and regulations.

We provide following services:

  • Foreign Investment in India (FDI/ECB/AGR/GDR)- Advisory, Set-Up & compliances
  • Direct Investment outside India- Advisory, Set-Up & compliances
  • Approval from Foreign Investment Promotion Board
  • Approval from Reserve Bank of India
  • Legal opinions
  • Transfer pricing
  • Retainer-ship services
  • FDI/ODI Audit Services
  • NRI services
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